by Disterror

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released August 30, 2015

Disterror "Catharsis" lineup was:
Romeo "Zkäuba" - Guitar/Vocals
Edgar "Mave-Rotten" - Bass
Manuel "Gallo" - Drums/Vocals

Disterror Currently is:
Romeo "Zkäuba" - Guitar/Vocals
Orlando "Tygranth" - Guitar
Rafael "Racho"" - Bass
Manuel "Gallo" - Drums/Vocals

Recorded & Mixed from March to June 2015.
Physical CD format released by Akracia Records on August 2015.
Cassette format released by Caligari Records on September 2015
Cover Artwork by Alí Ripper
All Music Written & Performed by Disterror.í-Ripper/465564533575303



all rights reserved


Disterror Cancún, Mexico

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Track Name: Viva la Muerte
Viva la Muerte

Born in emptiness Born aimlessly
The void constantly throbbing your being
looking for nonexistent reasons and answers
is the irony that corrupts your inner roots

Fear, pain, ignorance and cruelty
Long life to death, a Monolith for Extinction

Your own flesh sow the foundation of your purpose
The culmination of your ascendancy
Will mark your own perdition
Baptized in the blood of the innocent
Devouring the flesh on the earth
The beast in wich you have become
Will cover the earth with ashes
Track Name: Condemned to Survive
Condemned to Survive

Living in fear for what man creates
Inventions of hate, millions of deaths
Diying, is what awaits for us
Darker days ahead

Adopting new ways of hate
Condemned to survive
jumping into damnation
Until we exist no more

Condemned to Survive
Darker Days, aproaching the end

Living in fear, Living with Dead
Dark perceptions of humankind
Killing ourselves for nothing
Until we exist no more

Winds of Despair
Darker days of control Awaiting for us
Driven by fear
Rise up your weapons a call to arms
Track Name: Out of Nothing
Out of Nothing

Creatures born in the abyss
Crawling out of the darkness
Infesting the earth with disease
A cancer spreading through the flesh

Out of nothing, we were born
We blind ourselves with false dreams
Out of nothing, we shall return
Our ashes will revive this dead world
Track Name: Raices

Luchando por falsas ideas
Sufriendo por una ilusion
Despojado de identidad
Atrapado entre engranes

Me libere de esta carne
Me libere de esta especie
Entre la penumbra
Encontre mis raices
Track Name: Gilgamesh

Visions and dreams of immortality
Looking for a place among gods
challenging your own existence
by taking away your humanity

Death, transcendence beyond the flesh
Life, the oldest desire of all

Blood, spills over the land
Blinded, by desire and ambition

Beyond the false monolith
The wind whispers the truth
The life you are looking for...
You will never find
Track Name: Labyrinth

Fell down upon this realm of fear
Wandering through the darkness
Endless paths of madness and pain
A labyrinth inside ourserlves

We drag our souls across
Through the Flesh of the earth
Blood has eroded the soil
Fire consumed all life

Screaming in the dark
Awaiting for salvation
But no one will ever answer
There is nothing left
Track Name: Catharsis

The spear stabs easily the flesh
Screams of agony, rage increasingly
The wound is infected rapidly
And the wind ceases breeze

The heart wrapped in flames
Blood poured over your head
Barren land covers your feet
While watching the rupture of gaia

What was once beautiful becomes decadent
What was once green turns gray
Where there was life, there is now death
Inhabited by death, life reemerges

As my fingers touch the grey sky
My eyes behold with astonishment
The immense beauty in death
and overwhelms me...